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Gut reaction: It’s half time.

There comes a point in marathon training when you have your doubts.

You question your abilities, mental fortitude, grit, stamina and sanity.

Getting over all that is part of what makes marathon training so worth it; when you cross the finish line knowing you had all those doubts and fears, and you just beat them over the head with your tired, sweaty, perfectly muddy pair of Pearl Izumis.

But, there is a point in training sometimes where all that doubt comes from a legitimate source that forces some introspection, a heavy dose of realism, and most definitely some disappointment.

I’ll spare the diatribe, but I’ve gone through the latter.

So in 9 days, instead of running 26.2 miles that I have not trained properly for, I will run 13.1.

I won’t get injured or disappointed. I will run my first half-marathon of 2013. I will run it in under 2 hours.

And I will enjoy it, dammit.

Stay tuned…


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One thought on “Gut reaction: It’s half time.

  1. It takes a smart, powerful and disciplined woman to make this kind of decision…you won’t regret it. I wish I would have been as strong and intelligent as you to make this same choice in April. Go out there and enjoy the hell out of that half marathon!

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