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Another runner's writ


One year ago today I was driving east on I-40, blasting Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits with all of my possessions in the trunk, backseat, and passenger seat of my stick shift.

They would stay there for another 22 days until I would finally upchuck all of it into an empty apartment (mine, alllll mine) in the Germantown neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. I would spend the first night there in a sleeping bag on the hardwood floor, feeling nothing but bliss, a little bit of apprehension of Southern bugs, and a stiff back in the morning.

365 days ago, I had a future that was trepidatiously uncertain, scary, and absolutely thrilling. Fast forward 365 days, and I have a life that is absolutely thrilling, comfortably uncertain, and still a little bit scary (but hey, what good is life if it doesn’t scare you once in a while?).

I reflect a lot. I’m a writer, comes with the territory. So naturally, I’ve recently been heavily reflecting on the past 365 days. They have been a whirlwind of change, challenges, surprises, upsets, hilarity, discovery, adventure, incredible growth, and unbelievable potential.

I’ve ran two half-marathons, two marathons, and a few trail races and 10Ks.


I’ve visited five new states.

photo 5 (2)

I have met countless of brave, inspiring, fun, funny, and amazing people whom I am incredibly grateful for (and can’t wait to hang out with this weekend).

I have a solid, legit job in the music industry – my main reason for taking the leap of faith to Nashville in the first place.

I fit back into clothes I could have worn in middle school.

It’s safe to say I am living the dream. I really, really am.

I hope that 1.) You celebrate this milestone with me by having a good craft beer tonight (New Belgium Ranger IPA, anyone?), and 2.) that my story inspires you to go boldly in the direction of your wildest dreams. Like, real big ones that make your parents question your mental stability and raise their eyebrows.

When I was driving across Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and west Tennessee, I didn’t know what was next and it was thrilling/scary/weird/liberating. But I knew I had nothing to lose for going, not with the support of my friends, and family.

Have faith. Blast your favorite song. Sleep on a hardwood floor the first night in your brand new apartment. Make your life a little less certain.

Where will you be in another 365 days?


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