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Give me uncomfortable, or give me (something-not-so-dramatic-as) death

Man, I had a lot more to write about when I was training for marathons.

These days, I’m enjoying running in new shoes (Pearl Izumi N2s – Thanks, Nashville Running Company!), enjoying running with friends, enjoying beating my boyfriend up hills (it’s okay, he’s hip to my competitive side), and enjoying solo runs in the woods. I’m even enjoying runs in the heat and humidity (mostly), but I know that those ones are better kept short (Trudee didn’t raise no fool).

There’s not much to write about when it’s all runner’s high and rainbows. When there are no challenges to conquer, no self-deprecating humor to share, and no inspirational stories coming out of a hardship, there is no story to tell! And I’m a writer, k? Writers need stories to tell.

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to feel comfortable in my running, which, in turn, makes me uncomfortable.

Cue: Change.

Yesterday, I received ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ in the mail. I had ordered it off Amazon because I was feeling guilty, as an avid runner, that I hadn’t yet seen it.

Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that I get very animated when I’m excited. This was no exception. I danced a little bit from my mailbox to my door, tearing open the package, tweeting about it (@taymcoughlin), and anticipating the inevitable inspirational gut punch this documentary is said to deliver.

And of course it did. Of course. Katherine Switzer is my new hero, and the Chicago Marathon is now a must-do.

A good friend asked me yesterday, before ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ time, what races I had on the horizon.

My answer, for the first time since December 31, 2011 was none. It’s not that I don’t want to be racing, I don’t have to convince you that I do, but I’m too cheap to pay to run a 5k, and the south isn’t really huge on summer marathons, turns out. The heat, maybe? Humidity? Whatever; pansies. Haven’t they heard of Badwater?!


‘Spirit of the Marathon’ tugged at me. I wanted to be training again, keeping up with a plan and celebrating progress toward a bigger goal.

Goals, as we know, keep us motivated. They keep us craning our necks through the uncomfortable, achy, frustrating, and seemingly endless obstacles marathon training generously provides. They keep us going, and they keep us sane. I’m starting to miss those uncomfortable, achy, frustrating, and seemingly endless obstacles.

All this considered: I need a new goal, and I need one STAT.

I have a couple races in mind for fall, and I know that committing to one of them will help this necessary transition from comfortable to uncomfortable.

And I am really itching to get uncomfortable.

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One thought on “Give me uncomfortable, or give me (something-not-so-dramatic-as) death

  1. I’m too cheap to pay for 5k’s also. And I can run a 5k in my backyard. It’s only marathons (an occasional 1/2 here and there) now. 🙂

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