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My birthday list

On my 21st birthday, I was supposed to fly to Rome with my best friend. We should have left the Berlin-Tegel airport at 6 in the morning and we should have spent the entire day reenacting marvelous scenes from Roman Holiday and seeing where Caesar was killed, and wishing in fountains, and eating gelato, and drinking red wine while Italian waiters told us they were looking for a wife.

Instead, there was a strike by the RyanAir employees and I ended up drinking a Jack & Coke in a can from a convenience store, and sleeping, and being disappointed, and getting lost, and almost missing my later-scheduled flight. I ended up without my best friend, but meeting up with her parents in Rome anyway (we were, essentially, strangers), and eating one of the most gluttonous, fabulous meals I will ever remember, and being sung “Happy Birthday” by a full, Roman restaurant of perfect strangers.

Ever since, I’ve thrown out all expectations when it comes to what happens on my birthday. It’s like, que sera sera…ya know?

But, in case you’d like to know…This is what’s on my birthday list. You’re allowed to take notes.







Also would not refuse:

Sky diving

Concert going

That bicycle bar thing I’ve seen on Broadway

A serenade from The Avett Brothers

Lunch with Keith and Nicole down in Franklin

Train trip through the Alps

Pretty much anything in a spa (definitely mud bath)

Tornado chasing (preferably with pros, but would also consider going rogue)

A race entry into the Big Sur, Berlin, or London Marathon (all three, and let’s get married)

What I’m really most psyched for though, you can’t buy me because I’ve already bought it. No, not getting all “Independent Woman” on you, but it’s a plane ticket home and a race entry for the Bolder Boulder. Seeing my family and running in one of my most favorite places on the planet is gonna spoil me silly. Can you tell I can’t wait?

Anything else I receive will be an excellent, superfluous bonus.

(Except maybe the ridiculously awesome/essential nap time coverup thing…)


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