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This is my best friend since before Taylor became Taylor.

She wears blue cowboy boots on the reg.

She loves the Denver Broncos, even through unmentionable losses to the Raiders.

She prefers sleeping bags to plastic bags, and nights under stars to nights in fancy bars.

She’s a designer, a dreamer, and a darn good writer (but she doesn’t know it).

She’s climbed mountains in Peru, designed a wedding dress for her sister, and hiked the entire Colorado Trail.

She’s called Colorado, Wyoming, and San Francisco home, and still does in different places in her heart.

Last summer we slept in a grove of aspen trees and climbed a 14er and made a pact to move to Salida, Colorado when we’re single and 50 and not taking any crap from bosses or life or husbands or kids. (I can’t wait).

Next February, Angela will join Summit for Someone in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, having raised a mind-boggling amount of money for Big City Mountaineers. Like she wasn’t amazing enough already.

But, she needs help. And for the first time, I am not there in person to support her, and it sucks.

If you are in Colorado, please consider supporting Angela at her pantsless fundraising event on May 10 at Pete’s Patio Bar in Denver, which you can read all about here:

Also, this:


Angela is a rare breed. Meet her while you can.

Drink some beer. Win some prizes. Help a good person do something good.

I’ll be pantless in honor of the celebration. Hope you will consider it, too.


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