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Slowing things down

tumblr_m3emuu07lT1rr7w9fo1_400I began tapering my marathon training this week, decreasing the mileage and intensity in my workouts.

It has been so. hard.

Cuz here’s the thing: I’ve gotten really bad at being okay with not doing much.

I’m not good at sitting still.

I’ve tried being 100% lazy on a Sunday (even after a 20-miler) and just. couldn’t. do it. I had to go outside and move or stretch or do planks or get coffee with a friend or something.

I wouldn’t do well in solitary confinement (plus like, what’s up, claustrophobia?).

Slowing down in marathon training has nudged me to look at my life and where else I could slow down. Since training has hijacked most of my life for the past 12 weeks, there’s not a whole lot else I really need to slow down on. But I thought about my own notions of busyness, and feeling like I always should be doing something, or making plans, or thinking about making plans, or whatever.

But I figured out (even though I haven’t fully put it into practice) that sometimes it’s okay to just… not.

Sometimes we just need to be.

Sometimes I just want Ryan Gosling  (all the time)

I realized that tapering not only applies to training, but should also apply in life (rough draft, working on it).

It’s okay to not always go balls-to-the-wall everyday, all the time.

Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that not doing anything but watching a Red Box flick, by yourself, with a glass of wine, and going to bed at 10 pm on a Friday night is a-okay when, the week before, you were out at the honky tonks with your best friend checking out the lead singer of a cover band and were out til 3 am.


I know my body needs it. My brain needs it: Rest. Because ultimately, allowing nothing to happen just makes room for bigger things later on.

So, here are some songs rotating through my tapering playlists this week and next:

Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car – Iron and Wine

All the Right Places – Zach Heckendorf

Second Song – Assembly of Dust feat. Keller Williams

Ulysses – Mason Jennings

West Coast Fool – Donavon Frankenreiter

Jacksonville Skyline – Ryan Adams

(omg, guys, we are getting SO mellow up in here)

Baby’s Got Sauce – G. Love

I Might – Wilco

You & I – Local Natives

Simple Song – The Shins

‘Til next time, I’ll be taming my taper temper! (i love amazing alliteration)


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2 thoughts on “Slowing things down

  1. to be completely honest, i love everything about you.

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