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Rewind: February

Seriously… March is tomorrow? As in, the-month-when-spring-happens March?

As in I’m-running-a-marathon-in-March March?

I just got butterflies. That could also just be coffee on an empty stomach, but optimism favors the former.

There’s been a song stuck in my head this week (unoriginal or not to a runner): Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run.’

See his passion? His utter raw energy just erupting? His rad, plaid cutoff shirt? (so awesomely ’80s…I want to go to there)

I mean, woah.

I know his proclamation is not about the actual act of, say, running a marathon, or running recreationally at all. It’s about runaway American dreams and Carpe Diem and breaking out and seizing love. It’s a bold anthem and powerful prose that unifies the most diverse of ears, exclaiming that we are all battling races of our own, and we’re all meant to win them despite brokenness and hardships that weigh us down.

Springsteen has won over 20 Grammys, sold millions of records world wide, and has been named in Rolling Stone as the 23rd Greatest Artist of all time, 96th Greatest Guitarist of all time, and 36th Greatest Singer of all time. I *think* he may know a thing or two we could learn from.

What I’m saying here isn’t anything new, but maybe it’ll at least inspire you to listen to a little bit of The Boss at work today and ponder your own Carpe Diem scheme and therefore, you’re welcome.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

((switching gears))

Last month, I logged 204 miles. It was pretty awesome. I pretty much felt like a rockstar.

This month was shorter and my taper began right smack dab in the middle of it, so my numbers won’t be near as impressive. I didn’t feel like quite the rockstar I was in January.

(As I’m writing this, I haven’t even added them up for fear of too-low a number. I’m competitive with myself, what can I do? Okay… whipping out the calculator)

Alright, it was 152. Better than what I anticipated; I’ll cut myself some slack.

My first marathon ever is this Sunday, and I cannot believe how fast time has flown. So I guess the moral of the story is: if you want time to fly, sign up for a marathon. And, boom.

Look forward to a race review sometime next week. I’m still taming my taper temper, but looking forward to eating a little more carbs than usual, oh- and being in a new state: North Carolina!

We gotta get out while we’re young/’cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run


Slowing things down

tumblr_m3emuu07lT1rr7w9fo1_400I began tapering my marathon training this week, decreasing the mileage and intensity in my workouts.

It has been so. hard.

Cuz here’s the thing: I’ve gotten really bad at being okay with not doing much.

I’m not good at sitting still.

I’ve tried being 100% lazy on a Sunday (even after a 20-miler) and just. couldn’t. do it. I had to go outside and move or stretch or do planks or get coffee with a friend or something.

I wouldn’t do well in solitary confinement (plus like, what’s up, claustrophobia?).

Slowing down in marathon training has nudged me to look at my life and where else I could slow down. Since training has hijacked most of my life for the past 12 weeks, there’s not a whole lot else I really need to slow down on. But I thought about my own notions of busyness, and feeling like I always should be doing something, or making plans, or thinking about making plans, or whatever.

But I figured out (even though I haven’t fully put it into practice) that sometimes it’s okay to just… not.

Sometimes we just need to be.

Sometimes I just want Ryan Gosling  (all the time)

I realized that tapering not only applies to training, but should also apply in life (rough draft, working on it).

It’s okay to not always go balls-to-the-wall everyday, all the time.

Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that not doing anything but watching a Red Box flick, by yourself, with a glass of wine, and going to bed at 10 pm on a Friday night is a-okay when, the week before, you were out at the honky tonks with your best friend checking out the lead singer of a cover band and were out til 3 am.


I know my body needs it. My brain needs it: Rest. Because ultimately, allowing nothing to happen just makes room for bigger things later on.

So, here are some songs rotating through my tapering playlists this week and next:

Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car – Iron and Wine

All the Right Places – Zach Heckendorf

Second Song – Assembly of Dust feat. Keller Williams

Ulysses – Mason Jennings

West Coast Fool – Donavon Frankenreiter

Jacksonville Skyline – Ryan Adams

(omg, guys, we are getting SO mellow up in here)

Baby’s Got Sauce – G. Love

I Might – Wilco

You & I – Local Natives

Simple Song – The Shins

‘Til next time, I’ll be taming my taper temper! (i love amazing alliteration)

Celebrating that four letter word

I’m just feeling the love today. 843965_10151444880361469_1030450588_o

Ya dig? Maybe not?


For the past couple years my February 14th focused on red wine, biting cynicism, and scarfing just enough Dove chocolates to sink my single-life-loving battleship.

I wasn’t alone in throwing a pity party because I get by with a little help from my friends; we mocked cutesy couples and lame Zales ads, cheersing our single status while internally lamenting the fact we didn’t have someone who was wining and dining us that night, or next Saturday, or (seemingly) never.

I hopped off the Single Train this year (no doubt I still mock cutesy couples and lame Zales ads) but even so, I decided to embrace love in all aspects of my life. Turns out, there is so much to celebrate:



The great outdoors

Good friends





Inside jokes

Classic rock guitar jams

Fresh snow


Yoga pants

Muddy trails

Nashville honky tonks

Chocolate + peanut butter

I could go on and on and on because there is an infinite amount in this world to fall in love with.

It counts with anything: inanimate, or full of life. Today is just a good reminder to celebrate all that I love.

…and, I LOVE this video. I get downright giddy. It was one of the happiest nights of my life. Enjoy + cheers!

Treadmills suck

This morning was another sweet reminder to be grateful for and take advantage of the beautiful parks and spaces around me here in Nashville.


((on the headphones at picture time: ‘Take Me With You When You Go’ by Jack White))

Rewind: January

Man, if every month is like January, 2013 will most surely kick my ever-lovin’ butt.321473_10151400568661469_1163135713_n

January came with a few ‘firsts’ for running and me. 

-First (and second!) 20-mile run.

-First long run in the rain.

-First time experimenting with energy gels (not bad, but not awesome. Trying raisins on this week’s 15-miler instead).

-First time running with water (i.e. a handheld water bottle). Up until now, I’d be okay to go on 10-13 mile runs without hydrating. Maybe not the smartest way to train but you live, you learn, right? Plus, I’m cheap and gear is not.

This past week of training really kicked things up a notch, and I finally started feeling it. Case in point: After a hearty (read: high incline, tempo) 6-miler last night, I almost ran into the sliding glass door at the gym because it didn’t see me walking up fast enough.

And then I found myself in bed at 9 pm.

So I decided to look back at my mileage; what was Hal-Higdon prescribed, and where I took some liberties. 

The magic number for January was 204; no wonder my calves and hamstrings have started twitching lately…

I love monitoring my own progress, however, and haven’t really kept track before, so I will now start posting my monthly mileage here. Whether or not it will be interesting to read, I’m not sure. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Anywho, I’m kicking off February with 7 miles after work tonight and I’ve already got a playlist cued up.

On it?

Everything from Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, to Miranda Lambert, to Jay-Z. Because that’s how I roll.


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