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So, I’m running a marathon. The Inaugural Asheville Marathon, to be exact.

“Won’t that be hilly?”

Yes, and dammit if I’m not game to tackle some hills! Okay, maybe not 26.2 of straight hills (back in my day we had to run uphill both ways just to get some Gatorade!), but I’m sure the race director can’t be that sadistic… can they? I guess any self-respecting long distance runner labels themselves masochistic anyway. In conclusion: Bring on the hills.

“Inaugural Asheville Marathoners will wind through leafy hardwood forest, crayon-hued meadows, spring bloom-crackling gardens, and freshly cut views of the estate on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 7am.”

Did you read that? Leafy hardwood forest! Crayon-hued meadows! Spring bloom-crackling gardens! 7am! I want to go to there.

Taylor: Why do you want to run 26.2 miles?

1. I am crazy. Hello, have you met me?

2. I love running. Hello, have you met me?

3. I need goals in my life. Endurance goals are the best kind for me to tackle.


Seriously- I have an excuse to spend even more time with my boyfriend (running), listen to music, feel good, and explore outside. It will get sweaty. It won’t be pretty all the time. I will get blisters but hopefully not shin splints.

But I really can’t wait to get out and just. run.


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